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Clojure, ClojureScript, Javascript

Analysing text and discovering market intelligence

We are a revolutionary new technology platform built for analysing text and discovering market intelligence, developed in partnership with the world's leading academics. Our large-scale text analytics system unlocks knowledge and insight from unstructured textual data, enabling organisations to solve complex information challenges and providing a competitive advantage for our clients. You will be a core player in the growth of our platform and of the products built on top of it. Areas of work will include our large scale ingestion pipeline, increased automation of our infrastructure and new features to our products. ## Who you are You’re an outcome driven, polyglot developer with experience in a variety of languages and domains. We appreciate that exposure to different domains and paradigms can help us solve problems in different ways. You can work with a high degree of autonomy: you know how to manage your time effectively. You are comfortable on working on the whole stack: from data ingestion to new product features. You understand that importance of web operations, monitoring and alerting are just part of the way you build and run software. ## Our Current Tech Stack **Languages: **Clojure/Clojurescript, Javascript, Python **Frameworks and tools:**Storm, Node.js, React, Angular, Compojure **Databases:**DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, Postgres, Redis **Platforms: **AWS, Docker

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